Twelve surprising fates for food and drinks that have managed to make themselves indispensable, almost “unavoidable” in our daily lives, with economic, industrial, sociological and cultural implications on a world-wide scale.

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Series of twelve Documentary feature films.

Gelato: an endless passion
Pasta Mania
Coffee, please
Tea for all

Directing: Susan Gray, Stefano Tealdi
Cinematography: Sandro De Frino
Editing: Andrea Pierri
Animations: Andrea Pierri
Music: Andrea Gattico

Stefilm, Artline Films
AVRO, NDR-Arte, YLE Teema, MA.JA.DE, France5, LA7, Planete, RTBF, RTV Slovenija, YLE TV1, France Televisions, TV5Monde, DBS Satellite

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