Seven old musicians get together and play Jazz. Seven different stories, seven lives devoted to music, old songs and forgotten stages.
This film is about the band, Old Men Jazz, about their drive to play and the struggle behind it. It’s them and Jazz, their deepest desire that has carried them along for years. In the end, what stays is the music, and the unbroken emotion which remains just like the first time you felt it.

Documentary in Europe, Bardonecchia 2007 – Best picture audience award
Alba International Film Festival 2007 – Alba, Italy
New York International Independent Film Festival 2007 – New York City, USA
Pino Jazz Fest Festival 2007 – Pino To, Italy

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A documentary feature film by Andrea Pierri.

Directing: Andrea Pierri
Cinematography: Barbara Andriano, Andrea Pierri
Editing: Andrea Pierri
Sound: Marco Cimino, Pierpaolo Valetto

Panyc Films

© 2006